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Woodwind instruments require regular maintenance to prevent problems with how they play and sound.

A complete inspection of the instrument and an upfront full estimate of repairs is provided free of charge. Andrea will explain what needs to be done and a guaranteed estimate is given.

Repairs are usually completed within a week. However, demand for Furness Repair Studio services is high so please arrange your service well in advance.

Minor servicing will get an instrument to playing condition.
It is usual for a General Service to be carried out every 12-18 months
A Full Service is recommended every three to four years.
A Repad is carried out when an instrument has not been regularly serviced or more than half the pads need replacing.
At some point in an instrument’s life it may require an Overhaul, usually after 10 years, depending on how well it has been maintained.


MINOR SERVICE (Playing Condition)
Adjustment of the instrument and minor repairs. Includes any work required to bring an instrument up to a sufficient standard of play-ability. A Minor Service is carried out without fully stripping the instrument, to keep costs down. Parts extra.

Flute / Clarinet: $85; Saxophone: $125; Oboe: $125; Bassoon: $95

Dismantle, clean and level tone holes as required, replace key corks and pads as required, check tenon corks for fit, oil, re-assemble and adjust mechanism to good playing order. Parts extra.

Flute / Clarinet: $150; Saxophone / Bassoon: $165; Oboe: $220

Strip instrument, clean and level all tone holes, replace key corks and pads as required, oil, check tenon corks for fit, adjust mechanism to industry standards. Regulate key work for fluidity, comfort and finish to good playing order. Parts extra

Flute / Clarinet: $220; Saxophone: $350; Oboe: $400; Bassoon: $330

Strip instrument, clean body and tone holes, renew corks and springs as required, renew all pads. Check tenon corks for fit. Oil, re-assemble and adjust to industry standards and finish to good playing order. Parts extra.

Flute: $500; Clarinet: $350; Saxophone: $750; Oboe: $750; Bassoon: $650

Strip instrument, take up play in key-work, keys and pillars polished. Clean body and level tone holes, renew all corks including tenon, pads and all springs. Re-assemble, oil, adjust mechanism to industry standards and finish to good playing order. Parts extra.

Overhaul prices by estimate

Parts, if required are extra to above prices

Prices given are a guide based on student instruments and the average amount of work needed.
Customers are only charged for the work that needs to be done.

Instruments needing less work will be priced accordingly and for those needing more, Andrea will provide an estimate before any repair is started.

While all care is taken, Furness Repair Studio cannot be held responsible for old or unusual lacquers/plating being affected by cleaning chemicals.

Emergency repairs are charged at an hourly rate.

PAYMENT: You can pay by Cash, Internet Banking / EFT – (with receipt prior to pick-up)